Two Distinct Settings

Verulam offers two equally wonderful but very  different atmospheres for your special event.  The Cider Barn, surrounding pastures, horse paddocks, and ponds offer exquisite natural scenery and rustic country charm.  The manor home and surrounding gardens of this Virginia Estate offer an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.  Choose one area or mix and match elements to create a truly one of a kind background for your special day. We offer unparalleled flexibility.

Rustic Barn Weddings

The centerpiece of this package is a nearly 100 year old barn nestled between rolling pastures, an earthen pond, and paddocks of a working horse farm.  Your guests will watch the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance as foals play in the paddocks next to the barn. These packages are referred to as Level 1 and Level 2.  Click on the video link below to see a tour of Levels 1 and 2.

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The Cider Barn

Standing in stark comparison to the formal areas of the main house grounds: the cider barn is uniquely rustic. Edgy yet traditional. Eighty years ago, the rental area was used as the hay loft of a 2,000 acres horse farm. Today it is an incomparable area offering a rustic yet elegant atmosphere for your event. The usable area is 36’ by 100’ which includes a 20’ by 16’ stage that is fully prepared to support the most demanding bands.  The Cider Barn is accessed by an exterior deck so that your guests can soak in the natural surroundings.


Rolling Pastures

Of Verulam’s 500 acres, about half is comprised of rolling pastures only interrupted by a few fresh water streams, ponds, and white 3-board fencing.  Yours guests will enjoy a vista of the manor house to one side.  To the other, they will watch the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Guests access the Cider Barn over the dam of an earthen pond that is lined with weeping willows that are lighted at night.


Virginia Estate Weddings

Verulam is the only Virginia estate open to the public for events.  The manor house was designed by Marshall Wells who was well regarded for his ability to adapt Jeffersonian style with more modern living.  The expansive gardens were designed by Charles Gillette who is credited with creating the “Virginia Garden.”  Together, these men defined the Virginia Estate and Verulam is an excellent example of their work.  Over the past ten years, the estate and gardens have been faithfully restored.  Packages centered around the house an gardens are referred to as Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.  Click on the video link below to see a tour.

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The Bride’s Room

Our Bridal Suite makes getting ready for the ceremony a luxurious experience for the Bridal Party. Included are the spacious sitting room area, bedroom, closet area with wet bar, and a beautiful bridal bathroom. Rental of the Bride’s Bedroom is included with Levels 3-5.


The Border Garden

A 36’ by 140’ turf carpet bounded on either side by borders dominated by Holland bulbs. The centerpiece of the garden is a stone gazebo with iron work covered by pink climbing roses. The garden “room” is enclosed by 15 foot boxwoods as background to the gazebo and holly trees draped with blue wisteria. This garden is designed to be most attractive in April and May. The border garden can accommodate as many as 300 seated guests.


The Croquet Court

This 70’ by 70’ turf area was originally built as a terraced croquette court overlooking a 2 acre pond. It is bounded by six oak trees over 80 years old. The trees are illuminated such that their canopies create a natural ceiling above your event. The pond is planted with Louisiana iris, ornamental cherry trees, oriental azalea, and ornamental grasses. Terraces are dominated by pink azaleas and Hydrangeas. Rental of this area includes access to the sunken Gillette shrub Garden and connecting brick walks. The croquet court can accommodate as many as 250 seated guests.


The Pool House

The centerpiece 50’ x 26’ pool surrounded by brick walls, mid-summer plantings, and fabulous Pool House with catering kitchen are the perfect location for cocktails before or after your Croquet Court Ceremony. The area around the pool and pool house will easily accommodate 200 people.