New After Party Wedding Trend – Silent Discos

by Georgia McGuire on September 1st, 2015


Photo Credit to Jen Fariello

Thanks to advancements in technology, Silent Discos have been on the rise kicking previous noise restraints out the door while allowing the after party to never end. Within a silent disco, the audience is asked to wear wireless headphones as an outlet for the music being performed on stage by a DJ.


Photo Credit to Jen Fariello

This creates a silent environment that is instantly brought to life as the DJ and audience slide on their ear buds and see the room in a different light. Originally created for music festivals, as they allow dancing to continue past noise curfews, these discos have proven to be convenient and fun in more ways than one – especially at a wedding party. This way of enjoying music encourages conversation and provides the freedom of personal choice. Not every guest at your wedding may appreciate fighting to get a word in over loud speakers, but with silent discos, one simply removes their headphones to enjoy conversing with loved ones without losing their voice. Although the original purpose of Silent Discos was for the audience to enjoy the same music, companies have begun to provide switches on the side of each device allowing the audience to choose from three or more channels. These channels are identified by color as the light on the side of the headphones change to match the station playing. With the help of silent discos, lovers of all genres are able to coexist on the same dance floor.  0043

Photo Credit to Jen Fariello

Silent Discos give each audience member the power to control volume, play music of their liking, and maintain steady sound quality despite one’s distance from the stage. Not only is this advancement in technology fun, but it says goodbye to noise restrictions and hello to a memorable event.